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About Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine

Providing exceptional treatment for children with sleep disorders and neurological conditions

Our team of specialists in Denver has the advanced training and the professional experience to treat children, adolescents and young adults for neurological and sleeping disorders. In every instance, our medical evaluation is provided in a relaxed, kid-friendly private practice setting. We work closely with the primary care physician through every diagnosis and treatment plan - an important collaboration that provides an even higher quality of care for the child.

When a child has a neurologic or sleep disorder, it affects the entire family. Early symptoms may be alarming, and parental concerns often aren't put to rest until a diagnosis is found or medical care has begun. Because our board-certified pediatric neurologists at Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine understand the pressures that come with a child's illness, we stay focused on building a caring partnership and treatment plan that will improve the child's health and restore the quality of life to everyone involved.

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